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- Mick Jagger

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Neutral Third-Party Investigations

Shel Stark offers neutral third-party investigation when your client or employer is faced with complaints of complex, workplace misconduct, discrimination, sexual harassment or retaliation. Whether you must go outside the organization or you require a neutral third party for overflow, Shel offers prompt, knowledgeable, inexpensive and confidential investigative services that are neutral and thorough. He understands what it takes to uncover the facts and arrive at the truth.

His reputation for integrity and good judgment insure he will be fair-minded. He is a straight-shooter in whom witnesses – and the management of your enterprise – will confide because they can trust him.

As a long time successful litigator, he knows how to conduct a neutral, fair and focused process, building relationships with witnesses that lead to honest conversations. He has experience with complex matters and can organize documents and information effectively. Knowledgeable about the law, he understands what questions to ask. As a former plaintiff-side employment lawyer, he knows what mistakes investigators typically make – and avoids them. As a mediator and arbitrator, he knows how to maintain neutrality and apply tight logical analysis to reach the right conclusion.

When you need an investigator to drill down, work hard and get to the bottom of a troubling complaint, consider retaining Shel Stark for the job!

Neither a white wash nor a witch hunt.